CNC Machining Service in Armenia Yerevan

High Quality CNC Machining in 40+ Metal and Plastic Materials.

Arakelian Machining Services is the industry leader in custom, rapid CNC machining services for rapid prototyping and production parts. We deliver world-wide, and our online Instant Quoting Engine gives you a CNC machining quote within seconds. Then we make your machined metal or plastic parts and deliver them to your door in as few as 5 days (1). We inspect the parts and guarantee their quality. Our massive partner network means that we can make any part that you may have from any manufacturing.

We integrate seamlessly with over 5,000 vetted industry partners globally including over 3,000 in the Europe. Our network includes Aerospace manufacturing.

With over 40 engineering-grade materials available, we can support a high level of part complexity measurement method supporting 3D printing, and provide exceptional surface finishes. We can also machine and inspect to any 2D & 3D drawing, always ensuring you have the CNC machined parts you need, at-quality and on time.