The Fun of Riding Single Speed Road Bikes

There are so many reasons why you should opt riding a single speed bike. This bike is far much lighter that and simpler than the geared bike which makes it easy to ride and maintain. The bikes are also cheaper to buy.

The single speed bikes are built with only one chain and one ring on the rear wheel. This means there are no gears to change which makes riding easy. They are fun to ride especially to those who are familiar with them. However, a single speed gear bike has it’s the limit because you only have one gear ratio when biking. This becomes a problem to those who are used to ride bikes with multiple gears. For them, it is like workouts.

If you want to be comfortable with a single speed bike, you should get a gear ratio that is right for you and the riding you do. The tooth ratio between the front chainring to the rear chainring on your bike matters a lot. The normal ratio is 48 tooth ring on the front crankset and 16 teeth on the rear ring. The lower the ratio, the easier you will be able to climb hills. This also means you will be slower on a level ground and vice versa. The best way to know what will be right for you is to test different ratios like say; test each ratio for two days and then select the ratio that best works for you. Consider both leveled and hilly grounds. After testing all the ratios, you will know what best works for you and then opt to buy a single speed bike with your preferred ratio.

The single speed bike with no transmission and its simple appearance gives it the look and feel of a vintage bike. This bike is light, and you can take it anywhere and experience different riding experience.

It takes training to ride this bike comfortably. You can always use friends help when training and also after getting some experience, try riding with friends to be sure you have the right skills. Most importantly, you need to train on breaking to be sure that in the case of an emergency, you can be able to break carefully. Do enough practice before riding on busy road.

After training successfully, it is now time to buy your single speed bike. Where do you buy? You need to do a lot of research when buying this bikes. There are many stores, and you need to be sure you are purchasing your bike from a reputable store to be sure of quality and affordability. You can use friend’s recommendations or do research on the web. For quality bikes, consider velomofo single speed bikes. Velomofo stocks quality bikes of different sizes and you are sure to get one to suit your needs. They also customize your bike. By ordering online, you can get your desired and customized bike delivered to your doorstep without much hassle. Visit them online to place an order.