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Build Retaining Walls Brisbane Like A Pro – Useful Tips from Expert Builders

Anyone willing enough can build their retaining wall at home. Some might say that a project as huge as retaining walls Brisbane should be handled by professionals. However, we beg to differ. As long as you know what the pros do, you’ll be fine building your wall by yourself. We want to help you. That’s why we have listed down some pro tips on building a retaining wall, all compiled from the experts around the country. Find out more when you continue reading.


Assess Your Ground and Plan Things Out

It may seem like a no-brainer, but most homeowners tend to start building their retaining wall without even making plans. Overlooking the assessment and planning phase is detrimental to your retaining wall project because it can potentially ruin everything before it even begins. That’s why you should start by assessing the quality of your ground. Is it soft? How about the weather you usually get – is it always raining there? Once you’ve gathered all the relevant information, you should start making your plan. Talk to one of our experts now to know what kind of things you’ll need to assess and include in your plan.


Make a Trench

Retaining walls Brisbane are like icebergs. The visible part is only the ‘tip’ of the entire thing. Professional retaining walls are built with durability. To achieve this, they dig a trench that’s either equal to the above portion or more. Doing so will create a formidable and robust foundation for your wall, holding it in place and making sure it holds your soil without experiencing any structural damages. Again, talk to a professional retaining wall builder to get more in-depth information regarding the trench.


Compact and Strengthen Your Trench Base

Still talking about the trench, you will need compact the bottom of the trench to make sure it’s formidable enough for your retaining wall to sit on. Most homeowners usually overlook this process, so make sure you don’t. You can use a hand tamper to vibrating plate compactor to make sure the trench base is compact. Finally, lay crushed stones to solidify the base further. Some people even cement their trench grounds to make sure. But we’re going for the cost-effective route.

Find out more about retaining wall construction by checking out our blog page. Talk to one of our expert builders for more relevant details and information.