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#1 Cement Rendering Brisbane Tips – Render Your Walls the Right Way

This article mainly talks about how you can effectively cement-render your walls without having to call for professional rendering services. Cement rendering is one of the oldest and most popular types of renders out there. It has several advantages that many homeowners find enticing. Continue reading to know about the different #1 cement rendering Brisbane tips.


Cement Rendering Isn’t as Simple as You Think


While it may seem like a simple task to execute, cement rendering is more than that. It’s a complex process that requires knowledge, skill, and patience. If you’re thinking about rendering your walls with cement, the first thing you need to know is that it won’t work for older buildings or homes. The reason is that the old structure will only cause it to develop cracks faster. It’s highly useful for rendering brick or block walls.



Preparing the Mix


To prepare the cement render, you can use a pre-mixed mortar. All you need is to add sand and water. Speaking of sand, the recommended one to use for rendering is plastering sand. It’s a finer version to standard sand and can effectively mix with the cement, creating a stronger and more durable rendering finish. Other ingredients for the mix would include lime, cement, and water. If you decide to use premixed renders, read the instructions carefully as it may contain special additives that can have side effects if you don’t get the right measurements.



Using the Traditional Method


If you’re going to use the traditional mixing method, you’ll have to mix one-part lime, one-part cement, and four parts of fine sand. You can mix it using a shovel; however, to get a proper #1 cement rendering Brisbane, you’ll have to use a power mixer. Pour in the cement, sand, lime, and water, and let the mixer do its magic. To get the ideal consistency, you’ll need to mix the ingredients for around five to 10 minutes. The perfect consistency is that of peanut butter. If you get a consistency of dry clay, that means you don’t have enough water, try pouring some in ounces to get the consistency you’re looking for.


When it comes to #1 cement rendering Brisbane, there’s a lot of things to keep in mind. To get the right consistency, you will act like a baker and make sure you get the exact measurements, as well as the proper mixing technique. For more step-by-step guides on how to render your home, check out our blog page.