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The Advantages of Using Net Wrap for Round Balers

In the process of making round bales, it is safe to bet that you already are familiar with the two most preferred choices: twine and net wrap. Although each option has its advantages and the choice you make essentially depends on preference, it is unfair to deny the fact that a net wrap for round balers comes with a handful of benefits.

So, let us go through those benefits and figure out if it is an advantage for you to use net wraps over the traditional twine.

1 – The use of net silage packaging corresponds to faster baling.

If you have not tried it before, you should know that it only requires one up to two and a half turns to wrap a bale with a net wrap. With the help of a machine set, net wraps allow you to create more bundles when compared to using twine. It is true that twine costs less, but you need more hands if you want more output compared to using a net wrap. With higher efficiency, it means the bailing process likewise is faster. When the process is quicker, it corresponds to improved production.

2 – You expect a substantial reduction in baling loss.

Considering that you are spinning the bale a few times in the chamber. If you are using the net wrap for round balers, it generally corresponds to the lesser likelihood of leaf loss that drops out of the baler. With reduced baling losses, you also get more out of your round balers. The less you lose, the more you save.

3 – Using net wrap also efficiently reduces outdoor storage losses.

You know for a fact that outdoor storage of hay results in a substantial loss via spoilage. It is always better to store hay in closed place or shaded area. However, it is not a feasible option if you are a large-scale farm owner, in which you need to preserve many animal feeds at the same time. Hence, you do not have that much of choice but to store your bales outside and leave them exposed to the elements. Thankfully, there is the benefit of using a net wrap, wherein you are confident that your forages are safe with the natural water shedding ability of the silage packaging material.

In the end, net wrapped bales look better and more organised. In fact, if you plan on selling hay, net wrapped bundles inevitably will sell faster, thanks to their aesthetic appeal, plus the fact that feeds covered in it will look fresher and better even in transportation. However, you do have to be sure when it comes to finding the right supplier to buy your net wrap since not all of them offer high-quality products. You might end up with a low type that easily deteriorates or breaks.