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Kestrel 3000 w/ Manual – An Overview on How to Use this Scientific Instrument

This article is dedicated to showing beginners and even seasoned users alike on the proper use of the kestrel 3000 w/ manual pocket weather meter. This scientific device is a handheld weather-monitoring device that provides a wide range of functions, including accurate relative humidity measurements.

kestrel 3000 w/ manualThis device is excellent for outdoor activities that require measuring the weather. It’s a convenient tool that anyone can use. But before you can use the Kestrel 3000 w/ manual, you need to know how to use it first. That’s the purpose of this article. Read the step-by-step process and absorb every piece of information you can get.


  1. Slide the off cover.
  2. To turn on your Kestrel 3000 pocket weather meter, press the centre button.
  3. To select operation modes, press the right and left arrows. The right arrow will scroll through the measurements listed in your Kestrel 3000, while the left arrow will scroll through the measures in reverse order. The instantaneous measurements will then be displayed.
  4. To select the units that you want to measure, press the right arrow while holding the centre button to scroll through the units of measure.
  5. To activate Hold Mode, press the left arrow while holding the centre button to hold the measured value and have it shown on the display screen. The word, “HOLD” will then blink to indicate that you’re in the Hold Mode. To exit this mode, press the left arrow while holding the centre button again. This mode is useful for measuring while you’re unable to view the display, as within a duct. The maximum and average wind speed modes will continue to work normally on your Kestrel 3000 w/ Manual.
  6. To activate the backlight, press the centre button and have it turned on for 10 seconds. If either the left or right arrows are pressed while the backlight is illuminated, it will remain like that for another 10 seconds. Press the centre button while the backlight is illuminated to turn off the backlight manually
  7. To turn off your Kestrel 3000, hold the centre button for two seconds. The unit will then turn itself off automatically if not buttons have been pressed for 40 minutes.

Using the Kestrel 3000 w/ manual can be quite daunting at first. But it’s actually quite simple and easy. All you need is to follow this guide, and you’ll be using this pocket weather meter whenever and wherever you want. Order one today at a discounted price! Click here to learn more.