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Everything You Need to Know About House & Land Packages Adelaide

If you’re looking to buy a home or property, you’re essentially looking at every available option and going deeper and deeper into your research. Let’s just say buying a new house is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We want to make sure you get through it in one piece. That’s why we made this quick guide to house & land packages Adelaide to give you some insight and an overview of what you should expect from it.


Planning to acquire a new home has two standard options available: either you go for buy or buy to build. If you’re looking for a new house to live or invest in, a buy to build housing bundle is an excellent way to get the home of your dreams. Getting a house and land package isn’t as complicated as you think. We’ve broken down all the information and detail that you need to know about house & land packages Adelaide. Continue reading now to find out.


Types of House and Land Packages

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of house and land packages: Buy to Build or Pre-built. Get to know more about these options below.


Buy to Build

This option is viable when the developer has already purchased the land, divided them into separate plots, and has designed home design packages for you to choose from. While it may be similar to house and land packages in a lot of sense, you will also have a choice of different price points locations and designs.



The pre-built option is where the developer has already completed all of the above, including constructions. They’re also the ones selling the new house. While you can move to it at any given moment, know that it won’t offer as many customize options for you.


Important Things to Consider

Buying a house and land package is quite the same as purchasing every other type of housing. However, the difference is the stages and loans you’ll be going through. Here’s a two-step approach: Land mortgage or construction loan and construction loan.



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