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A Look Inside the Male’s Wardrobe: Types of Men’s Shoes

If you think only ladies have different sets of shoes, you’ll be surprised to know that there new additions to the male section’s shoe rack! In fact, the selections are almost endless, thanks to the innovations of the industrial era. Check out the different types of high-end men’s shoes in the list below.

  1. Slip-Ons


These types of men’s shoes are best for casual males who care less about style and more about comfort. If you’re someone who likes to take strolls or if you’re into sports, you can opt for slip-ons as these are very comfy and of high quality.


  1. Loafers


Men have their loafers too! These high-end men’s shoes are recommended for people who like the semi-casual look. Loafers are popular among Asian celebrities, most notably in the K-Pop realm. Dress up as your favourite Hallyu star with these shoes!


  1. Leathers


Whether it’s a Chukka, a pair of boots, or a Brogue, leathers are some of the most popular men’s shoes around the world. This footwear is excellent for people who don’t work in offices but still live the best of their lives! Many men in the countryside love leathers due to their durability and classic style.


  1. Formal


Here are some of the most fashionable formal footwear for men: Derby, Oxford, Wing Tip, Monk Strap. The said shoe types are a trend among men who live the “business” life. You can collect a set of formal shoes that you can switch every now and then to prevent early damage.


  1. Sports Shoes


Sneakers of today come in different forms, and these can be: Street Style, High Top, Casual, and Runner. There are other types, but the mentioned are trending this year. These shoes for men are best suited for travellers, gym-goers, sports enthusiasts, and outdoor guy who doesn’t bank on coats and ties.


Before starting your shoe collection, take note of the basic maintenance tips that experts recommend. Make sure to keep your shoes dry at all times. Don’t just use cleaning materials and guides you find online. Consult with your provider first! This way, you won’t encounter problems that could cause further damage.


Experts also recommend switching up your shoe collection. Don’t stick with one shoe for an entire week. Too much use can cause early damage that’s hard to reverse. This is especially true for your favourite pair.


High-end men’s shoes are available from the best providers in the country. While quality is a guarantee, proper care for your shoes adds more assurance that you can enjoy your collection for a long time.