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What Architectural Drafting Is and Its Importance

Architectural drafting plays a significant role in today’s construction industry. By definition architectural drafting, is a method of simulating or creating drawings for buildings and other structures. Drafting has to be done by skilled professionals who have studied design and construction basics. Traditionally, drafting used to be done on paper. However today, advances in technology have made the process easier. Contemporary architects now use computer-aided drafting (CAD) tools. There exists different software that aids architectural drafting.



With CAD, it is easier to view the draft from various dimensions unlike when it was on paper. It makes it easier to edit and transfer designs. Therefore, it helps to eliminate typical flaws in the plan as well as enhance the outcome of the design process. It has not only made the whole process easier but has also made it faster. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. It is because there are many things that architects need to consider before designing a plan. They need to take into account the drafting dimension design, measurements, time, labour, topography, cost, gravitational proportions, and materials among many others. Apart from designing a building, drafting also relates to validation, examination, verification and design alteration.


There are various advantages of architectural drafting. For starters, its introduction in the construction process has helped in attaining high-level customisation. When you think about the buildings, you see today; it becomes hard to imagine how they get constructed. Most of the skyscrapers seen today could have been deemed impossible to build some years back. However, with the help of CAD, architectural imaginations have been brought to life. Architectural drafting has made the whole construction process easier, faster and cost-effective. By considering drafting by, the architects here will ensure all aspects related to the building such as dimensions, capital, and labour, geographical direction, measurements, scales and many more get streamlined in a manner that influences the construction process positively. In addition to this CAD has aided in establishing clear communications between architects and engineers.


Today, architects rely a lot on CAD for architectural drafting. As such, many software companies have continued to research and develop the best versions available. Besides, these construction companies today extensively outsource CAD drafting services to ensure that their drafts are of high quality and functionality. Architects, who are stuck in the old paper or non-cad designs, can have their drafts converted to CAD drafts to match current requirements. Another advantage of CAD is that even non-professionals can be able to comprehend architectural designs since it is user-friendly.

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