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Three Reasons to Choose Dental Implants Adelaide

Have you experienced tooth loss before? Was it a result of an injury, gum disease, or an extraction? Are you looking to replace your teeth? There are a few different methods that can restore your smile. However, none are as effective and convenient as dental implants Adelaide.

Dental implants are becoming the number of choice for missing teeth due to their natural appearance. However, apart from that, there are a variety of other benefits that make dental implants a great option to get your beautiful smile back. Here are three benefits of choosing dental implants:

Dental Implants Are Safe for The Surrounding Teeth

There are some methods of replacing missing teeth that can affect the surrounding teeth. Bridges, for instance, requires you to break the teeth that’s right beside the space of the missing teeth for it to be inserted.

On the other hand, dental implants don’t require any of that. It’s like screwing a bolt, where an artificial tooth with a brush aluminium base is implanted into the jawbone. This method locks the false teeth in place, making it resemble real teeth. That’s why this method is much preferable since it doesn’t require tampering your other healthy teeth to replace one or a couple.

It’s More Convenient Than Dentures

While dentures are also a popular choice among people who are dealing with missing teeth, it’s an extremely inconvenient option. For instance, eating your favourite foods may become difficult, as your dentures may slip and fall out of your mouth. With a dental implant, you’ll be able to bite into any food you want to eat. Whether it’s tender or tough, you’ll have the freedom to choose whatever food you want without worrying about your teeth slipping.



Dental Implants Look Natural

Unlike dentures and other artificial teeth replacements, dental implants look like natural teeth. So when you have them replace your missing teeth, they look so real that people won’t be able to tell the difference. However, just like real teeth, they also tend to turn yellow if you don’t take good care of them. That’s why choosing dental implants Adelaide will also come with a responsibility to take good care of your teeth regularly to maintain its appearance.

Dental implants Adelaide present several new benefits. If you want to experience all of these convenient perks, you should ditch your dentures and switch to dental implants today! Call our clinic now and get expert advice from our representative.