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Where to Begin with Palm Tree Removal

Many homeowners don’t know what to do when they have a dead palm tree in their backyard. If it’s a small palm tree, they might not have a problem getting rid of it but what if it’s a massive palm tree?

The average property owner will not know where to begin if they need to get rid of a huge dead palm tree. They might have a chainsaw that they can use to cut down the palm tree but they may not how to do it to avoid damaging the nearby structures like the rest of the landscape, the house, the adjacent electrical lines, etc.

Removing a large palm tree is a dangerous, risky activity especially in urban areas. Do you know how to remove a big palm tree without its limbs falling on vehicles, houses, power lines, street people, etc.? If you don’t, then better not try it on your own and hire palm tree removal services.

Homeowners can be held liable for any damages done by a tree they have cut down. You can be sued if the tree falls on your neighbour’s house or car, or if it damages your neighbour’s fence. To make matters worse, your insurance might not cover any damages you do if your palm tree lands on your neighbour’s car.

Even if you successfully bring down your palm tree, you will soon realise that it will be a problem on your property as not many waste removal companies would take dead wood. If you have not planned to burn the tree for heat, then the dead palm tree stem will remain in your yard.

Professional tree removal

Fortunately, there are palm tree services that you can hire to remove your dead, unwanted, or fallen palm tree from your yard. The advantage of utilising such services is that they will not only remove your palm tree but will as well get rid of the palm tree if you ask them to leave you with a clean backyard. Also, experts can remove a palm tree safely without damaging your property.

By hiring a palm tree removal company, they will come and remove your dead or fallen palm tree within minutes which is contrary to when you try to do it yourself. Also, the best palm tree removal company will give you an estimate before the removal can commence. This way, you can make a comparison between several service providers and choose the best.

Your insurance can sometimes cover the cost of dead palm tree removal. This means that most homeowners can afford such services more so in case of an emergency.

Professional palm tree service also offers stump grinding services if you require. By hiring such services, your yard will be left clean, and with no traces of a stump, and after a few months, no one can tell that you had a palm tree in that location. Therefore, before hiring any tree removal expert, be sure they can offer you a range of services.