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Figuring Out the Signs That Your Pool Pump Needs Repair or Replacement

The pump on your swimming pool plays a crucial and indispensable role. It is responsible for water flow which helps the chemicals to circulate evenly throughout the pool and to the filter, chlorinator as well as heater. Your pump will undeniably stay clean and sanitised as the pump significantly increases the effectiveness of the pool chemicals that ultimately fights against bacteria and algae present in the water. So, for your pool to stay in optimal working shape, getting a regular pool service significantly helps.

Continue reading the rest of this informative article to learn of the common signs that will help you to recognise that it is time for you to call your trusted pool services expert to either replace or repair your Davey pool pumps Australia.

There are air leaks.

The pump will eventually lose its prime once air leakage gets too large and interferes with the water circulation. Although small air leaks are entirely natural and harmless, sooner or later if not given solution it will grow bigger and will cause more troublesome issues. An air leak can sometimes be due to damage thread sealant, leaky valve stem on a suction valve or a break in the plumbing system.

You notice a low water level      

The part that is strictly responsible for pushing water through the plumbing system is the pump’s impeller. So if you experience low water level, it only means that the pump’s impeller is either worn or clogged. The low water level can cause significant excess air in your pool pump and filter and if ever the pump continues to push air instead of water, no doubt it will overheat and burn out soon. Thus, to avoid this from happening, give extra time in checking out the impeller and if it is clogged, don’t hesitate to clean out the debris present in there.

There are water leaks, too.

The pool pump motor can burn out if the pumps feature some leaks. This problem can be due to the malfunctioning of the shaft seal, thread sealant as well as if the impeller or the pipe that comes out of the pump.

If you notice some water on the floor around the pump, then no doubt, your motor shaft is already damaged. The leak in the pressure side of the pump can seriously cause a water drop in both water pressure and loss. Also, a sign that the pump seal is already broken is when water is spraying from the pump housing.

Therefore, call Davey pool pumps Australia as soon as you can once you see some leaking to get an immediate professional assessment and to avoid further issues.

Your pump is old.                                                                                                                                        

Many reasons might be behind why your pool pump fails, and you should also consider its age before you start troubleshooting. A pool pump average lifespan is approximately 8-12 years. Thus, unquestionably you will face constant breakdowns and repairs if your pump is already approaching this age.