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Beat the Heat: Best Barn Cooling Systems for Farm Owners On A Budget

In the past, barns were not as sophisticated as they are now. Today, we see barns filled with various technological innovations. Long before, keeping your animals cool relies on natural ventilation, where fresh air comes inside the barn using wooden air vents on the ceilings. Today, livestock cooling has taken to a whole new level with various barn cooling systems such as misting fans and even an air conditioning system.

The overall health of your animals depends on the cleanliness of the water they drink, the quality of the fodder they eat, and the amount of cooling they get. A stressed animal won’t perform well and not yield good meat. So, it’s essential that you keep your farm animals cool. Here are some of the top barn cooling systems that you should incorporate:

Misting Systems

Misting fans are one of the most popular cooling systems for barns and the outdoors. Misting fans are similar to a humidifier. The cooling effect blows a fine mist of water into the air. If the wind isn’t too humid, the water will evaporate. This effect absorbs the heat from the air, allowing the misting fan to also work as an air cooler. Misting fans may be used outdoors, especially in a warm and dry climate. While misting fans are typical in the outdoors, It works perfectly well inside your house.

Air Conditioning Unit

If your farm involves livestock with lactating cows, goats, and sheep, then you need to keep them fresh by incorporating a large-scale air conditioning system. Lactating dairy cattle produce large amounts of the head due to the digestion and metabolic processes. That’s why this heat must be compensated with a heavy-duty cooling system to maintain normal body temperature. If your cattle are too hot, then it may affect the quality of milk that they produce. Misting fans aren’t enough as it will only cause more heat to develop inside your barn. Instead, you should invest in huge air conditioning systems that not only provide fresh, cooling ventilation for your animals but will also eliminate the warm air that your livestock produces.

Should You Go Misting Fans or AC Unit?

There is a lot of debate about which among the two favourite barn cooling systems farmers and ranch owners should use. While misting fans are the cheapest, they don’t offer the superior cooling that air conditioning units provide. The best thing you can do to determine which cooling system is for you is to assess your cooling needs. If you’re housing horses, chickens, or cattle, then misting fans should be fine. Otherwise, if you’re producing milk and you have a group of lactating cows, then investing in a barn AC unit is the way to go.

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