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The Perks of Using Solar Battery Systems, Including Government Rebates

Thousands of Australian homeowners will benefit from State Government battery rebates and subsidies of about $100 million. It is an initiative that hopefully will pave the way for homeowners who still aren’t convinced to switch to solar energy and take advantage of the convenience brought by solar battery storage systems. The fact is the government is doing everything in its power to convince and motivate homeowners like you to embrace the concept of using solar energy as a practical alternative to your dependence to the utility company and the power grid. For instance, there is a $100 loan grant for the payment of the installation of a solar battery storage system.

Perks and subsidies like a Sonnen battery rebate SA are more than enough to convince homeowners to finally welcome the idea of investing in a solar power system. However, it is merely about putting solar panels up on the roof. What the government is trying to campaign for is the addition of a storage battery system that will make the switch to the use of the sun’s energy sustainable.

What most people do not realise is that everyone may qualify for the perks and subsidies. Therefore, even those who are afraid to join the fray considering the high upfront cost should not worry because aside from the government assistance through loans, they also expect to avoid purchasing expensive electricity from the utility companies with the use of solar energy. At this point, the subsidy such as a Sonnen battery rebate SA will depend on the size of the solar battery storage system.

So, when you feel like you are ready to make the transition, the next step is to learn about how you can maximise your investment in a solar power system and ensure that you are getting the subsidies offered by the government in return.


Here are some valuable tips:

  1. Do not forget to store your solar batteries and keep them protected to avoid paying for high rates to get peak power.
  2. Wisely investing in solar energy, you have the best opportunity to control your grid energy use and eventually minimise your monthly electrical bill.
  3. The idea behind the switch to solar energy is to harvest it while the sun is up and then use it later. It is possible by storing the energy using the battery.
  4. With the proper setup for an emergency power supply using your solar power battery storage, you never will suffer from the burden of a power outage.
  5. It is best that you start with a 5kWh load and then you can transition to the more powerful 16kWh later.

If you make the switch to solar energy, you should know that there is a prospect of saving thousands of dollars in energy costs per year; that should be enough to get you motivated.