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Know Your Rendering – The Most Popular Types of Home Rendering Adelaide

Are you looking to apply a home rendering to the outer walls of your house? If so, then you should be aware of the different options that you have and which among them are the best for your walls. Listed below are some of the most common rendering Adelaide available. Check them out below before chatting with our customer representatives for a render service and get started with your rendering project.


Cement Render


Considered as the most durable type of render available, cement renders are stronger than the common lime rendering. It’s sealed and can provide additional support to any building when applied. Cement renders help prevent the penetration of dampness or water through your exterior walls. While it may be considered as one of the most popular types of renders available, keep in mind that it’s not ideal for every kind of home. Cement renders are not recommended for older homes due to their rigidity and could potentially cause breaks or cracks easily.



Lime Render


Lime renders are another variant of durable types of rendering Adelaide. But unlike cement renders, lime can be used for any home. It’s considered as the traditional render since it’s been utilised for decades now. Of all the rendering operations available to your walls, lime renders are the most breathable render product. It’s capable of expanding and contracting with any surface that you coat it on. It’s also the reason why it’s the best rendering option for wooden walls and other surfaces.


Polymer Render


While this rendering variant is relatively new, it contains a silicone water repellent solution. It can effectively repel moisture build-up, which is one of the main reasons for the rotting and deterioration of your wall. However, the twist is that it still allows water vapour to pass through it, letting the substrates beneath it breathe easily. These features make polymer rendering the most effective rendering material for wooden and brick homes.


Insulated Render


Finally, we have insulated rendering. This type of render is also known for its ability to provide exterior wall insulation, which reduces your home’s carbon footprint. So, from that statement alone, you can already imply that this render is environment-friendly, which is perfect as an exterior wall render. You can visit our website to confirm this as we have several case studies focusing on testing the effectiveness of insulated renders. Like polymer, this type of render is also relatively new, so it’s a rare product to find in the market right now.


Once you’ve chosen the ideal rendering Adelaide for your home, make sure you do some in-depth research to get to know it even more. For all your rendering questions, you can refer to our website for some of the most useful information.