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How You Benefit from Instant Hot Water System

Instant hot water systems may not be as dominant or prevalent in Australian homes, but it is not because it isn’t a great option. The truth is the only reason why not many homeowners give it a serious consideration is that they are clueless about it, or unfamiliar to say the least. If you feel like your conventional storage tank hot water system at home costs you a lot of money; then you should put in the time to learn what a Gas Works – instant hot water system can do for you.

Instant hot water systems provide hot water on “as-needed” concept. They are the opposite of a conventional water heater installed in many Australian homes in a way that they do not have a storage tank. Instead, the system makes use of a gas burner or electric element in heating water when you need it. There are several unique benefits of using an instant hot water system at home or in your place of business, and this article seeks to discuss those benefits.

1 – Using an instant hot water system significantly reduces your use of energy.

Going tankless is advantageous since it corresponds to substantial energy savings. You do not have a realistic comparison for the moment since you haven’t used a tankless water heater before; but on average, the system will help you save up to 40% of energy compared to a standard storage water heater. The energy savings apply to homes and buildings that require huge amounts of hot water daily.

2 – Instant hot water systems last longer than standard heaters.

It is true that some people get turned off by the high upfront and installation costs of a tankless system, but the one thing you must understand is that they last longer and would cost less to run. Even if you pay extra to purchase a Gas Works – instant hot water system, you will get a return on your investment via affordable running costs and low repair and replacement expenses. A regularly maintained system can last for at least 20 years.

3 – You no longer experience standby heat loss.

One of the downsides of traditional storage water heaters is that home, and building owners usually experience standby heat loss, which translates to wasted energy and increased use. The reason why the instant hot water system emerged as the ideal replacement of the old method is that it addresses the issue by using a pilot light to heat the water only at the exact time when you need it. Therefore, there is no wasting of energy in keeping hot water in an ideal temperature since the equipment or system will not heat the water if you do not need it.