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Get Started in Instagram Marketing Adelaide – Two Beginner Tips That Actually Work

Ever since it was purchased by Facebook back in 2012, Instagram has continuously risen in the social media marketing hierarchy. It’s currently the top photo-sharing platform on the internet is continuing to grow with each passing year. Its unique take on social media interaction has also gotten a lot of love and attention among business owners. With its active users now hitting 900 million per month, it’s among the best social media platforms for business people to establish an online presence for their brand. If Instagram marketing Adelaide is something that you haven’t tried yet, now’s the right time to do so. If you’re starting your Instagram marketing campaign, we have two of the most useful tips that you can use to start your Instagram marketing with a bang.



Switch Your Instagram Account to a Business Profile

Before you start planning your Instagram marketing Adelaide campaign, make sure you have your Instagram account converted to a business profile. It’s quite easy, to be honest; and it doesn’t require money. All you need to do is switch your current profile into a ‘business account.’ Click here for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to do that.


A business account has a number of additional features that are essential when you’re doing business on Instagram. Unlike ordinary accounts, your profile will have a contact button, which users can tap when they want to reach and do business with you.


Perks of an Instagram Business Profile

A business account on Instagram will also let you create, edit, and publish ads without the need to use the native advertising tool that’s used to make Facebook ads. That means you can make your ads straight from Instagram. You won’t need any external application or software. You can even access Instagram’s very own analytics tool, called ‘Insight.’ This Instagram-exclusive analytics tool provides important stats about reaches and impressions of your posts. Once you gain access to all of these features, you can now start tracking your metrics and understand the nature and tendencies of your target audience.


Use Free Instagram Ad Tools

Business profiles on Instagram are similar to Facebook business profiles. These similarities don’t come much of a surprise since Facebook owns Instagram as well. With Instagram Insight, you can monitor every stat like impressions, engagement, data, and much more. If you’ve used Facebook business profiles before, this feature may be familiar to you. Other features include realizing your key performance indicators and getting a comprehensive demographics of each of your followers. This will consist of crucial information such as their gender, location, age, and even average active hours.


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