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How Advantageous is a Split System AC?

The way a split air conditioning system works is short of a miracle, which is why most homes and business establishments these days prefer it over other AC systems. The split air conditioner features two units, namely the outdoor unit with compressor and condenser, and the indoor unit that contains an air handler. For the most part, there is a line found between the two units, and it is where you see the copper refrigerant tubing, a power cable and drain for condensation.

There is a considerable difference between a split system and the conventional type of AC. The most notable difference is that the former has its components in one single cabinet and window units that have a fan, compressor and coils inside a window or a wall-mounted box. Well, the fact that most Australians prefer the split type is proof that its design and mechanism works wonders. So, let us talk about the advantages you expect to get from a Fujitsu split system.

1 – You benefit from a convenient installation process.

The installation of a split system requires lesser effort compared to traditional ACs. Since there is no necessary ductwork but only a connector between your indoor and outdoor units, the task becomes much more comfortable because it only requires an opening that measures about three inches in diameter. But be reminded that you need a perfect spot where you will mount your units, and that is easily accessible to an electrical power source. Manufacturers offer different lengths for refrigerant tubes so that your indoor and outdoor units can reach up to 100 feet apart.



2 – Split systems are energy-efficient.

The most notable issue with central AC systems that rely on ductwork is the tendency to leak, which in turn results to losing cooling energy by up to 20%. It happens when there is an issue with the ductwork like the lack of insulation. On the other hand, the split system has a ductless design, which means you do not experience the usual ductwork problems and loss of energy.

3 – Split systems blend with the décor effortlessly.

Another advantage of a Fujitsu split system AC is that you can conveniently install them by suspending the unit in your ceiling or hang them on walls. There are multiple of elegant and sophisticated jackets that are aesthetically appealing available in the market that will surely fit your home décor. Furthermore, compared to window units, a split system is less obtrusive making it more compatible to add in your homes.

4 – A split AC system is quiet.

The system is designed to have a smooth operation that can operate silently up to 19 decibels, which means it is considerably quieter than window units. Aside from that, it also features a slimmer profile that makes it easier to position the unit in various locations wherein noise might be a factor or if there is not enough space.