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Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Ordering a Birthday Cake

Celebrating birthdays will never be complete without a birthday cake. If you are organising a birthday party, surely it can be super fun but also stressful at the same time. Everything from planning out the sweets for the desserts, guest list and most importantly, the party décor and birthday cake. You might think that ordering a birthday cake is an effortless task but no. Choosing a birthday cake needs effort and time, most of us tend to create a lot of simple mistakes that the guests will quickly notice and could turn into an embarrassment. Errors can come from the birthday cake design, taste, and others. Listed below are those common mistakes you usually will make and learning what they are means you can avoid them.

1 – Allergy Issues

Try to consider checking if your guest has allergies to any ingredient before ordering your birthday cake. It is a very thoughtful action as well as a lifesaver since specific allergies can lead to life-threatening situations. If there is, you may contact your baker to exclude or avoid those ingredients and use substitute ingredients that act the same instead. Most people are allergic to nuts, gluten, dairy, berries. You don’t want to ruin your birthday due to your friend being rush to emergency because of allergies.

2 – Tendency to Go Over the Top

In a birthday cake design, always remember not to go over the top. It is better to keep your birthday cakes as simple with basic design and little strong elements. The active ingredients on your cake produce more appeal like the icing, colours, fruits used, shiny edible pearls and flowers. You don’t need a million things on your cake that will only result in a complete mess. In designing, minimalism is the key to perfection. There are a lot of bakeries that do customisation for your birthday cake that charge a minimal fee based on your preference.

3 – Small Quantity

It is better not to assume that your guest might eat only a specific amount of cake at the party. It is better to think ahead and order a little more than the actual quantity needed for consumption so that you can accommodate all your guest with a right amount of cake. And let’s be honest, everyone loves to have some leftover cake to enjoy for breakfast than running out of a cake on your birthday.

4 – Undermining the Baker’s Skills

Don’t try to steal the job of a baker when it comes to customisation of your cake. It is critical to listen to what your professional baker must suggest when it comes to the usage of icing and cream, flavour and colour combinations and more. Don’t think of micromanaging your baker and his or her team. Thus, it might create a lot of confusion and a massive mess on your birthday cake.