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What Is Biogas? What Makes It a Renewable Energy?

Biogas is a mixture of gasses, usually methane and carbon dioxide. Specific microorganisms produce the gas, usually when oxygen is absent. Animals that eat many plant materials, for example, grazing animals such as cattle, produce much biogas. The biogas is made not by cows but by the billions of microorganisms living in its digestive system. Biogas also develops in the bottom of lakes and landfills, where decaying organic matter builds up under wet and anaerobic conditions.

Biogas is a Renewable Source of Energy

Flammable biogas can is collected using a simple tank. Animal manure is stored in enclosed, special containers where the gas can accumulate. It makes an excellent fuel for furnaces and cook stoves, and can be used instead of fossil fuels.

Biogas is a type of renewable energy because it is produced using growing plants. Besides being able to live without oxygen, microorganisms responsible for producing methane have another special feature. They are among the few creatures that digest cellulose, the main ingredient of plant fibres. Another feature of these organisms is that they are sensitive to conditions in their environment, such as the amount of temperature, water acidity, and so on.

Biogas is referred to as renewable energy because the production of biogas depends on the supply of grass, which grows back each month. Also, when biogas is produced in a landfill, the landfills are supplied continuously with waste, and so it makes biogas a sustainable source of energy as waste will always be there. On the other hand, the natural gas is not a renewable source of energy because it forms from fossilised remains of animals and plants – a process that took millions of years. These do not ‘grow back’ in a few years that is helpful for human beings.

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