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August 30, 2016

Proper Lawn Maintenance

The first thing that comes to our mind when it comes to maintaining our lawn is mowing. Truly it is needed for every lawn treatment throughout the year. As we ask, what is the essence of this mowing to maintain the beauty our lawn? Well, for an additional idea, we need this to keep our garden look beautiful and to keep the grass short and for them to look not tidy. Do you know that if the grass in your garden grows taller, it can damage the lawn, and it will look erratic when it is finally cut? A habitual cutting can also deep down annual weeds and can help reduce the perennial plants as well.

Weeding our lawns is something we can do for either with a weed killing chemical which we put on the lawn, or by you. If you’ve only got a few weeds, then it’s not a vast chore to manually eliminate them. Nevertheless, for an inadequately affected lawn, it’s easier mad more efficient to apply an appropriate treatment. Normally, we apply weed treatments during summer because it is when grass usually grows. It is important to consider looking whether a weed a feed product is appropriate for our lawn. Reading all the information on the product label is important before using them. Some products require us to wait quite a few days after the rain before apply and then need watering in if rain doesn’t fall within a few days of the application. This is crucial so always bear in mind this one.

If you have bare patched inside the lawn, you can also reseed a small patch by excavating over the soil flippantly, firming and applying grass seed and watering vigilantly. You can otherwise lay a new piece of turf. This will then give instant color once more but will also need cautious preparation and watering afterward.


If the boundary of your lawn is messy, then this can be made more precise by using an edging tool. Border using a straight edged board can be used as a lead. If you are doing an arched edge, you can do this by eye, or for a smoother more accurate curve use a string tied to a stake to mark the arc you require. Compost the edges you eliminate as they will break down into good quality compost. If you prefer a ragged edge, you’ll need to cut a piece put and then substitute it. You can use a wider section of turf detached to patch the edge and then pack the gap you’ve completed on the lawn middle with a fresh piece of turf or even seed. For a quick quote click here.

As you can see, having a beautiful lawn is not that easy especially for those who have busy schedules all through the week. The solution to this is hiring professional garden maintenance Adelaide Services. The experts will handle your garden with care and professionalism. Most of the garden maintenance Adelaide company’s charges fairly and you have no reason not to avail the services. Maintain your lawn by letting the professional do the lawn maintenance as you handle your daily schedules.